AIS Annual General Meeting 2012/2013

Another year has passed us by and bittersweet moments are bound to happen. This is the exact situation every year when AIS organises it’s annual general meeting to say farewell to upper degree members and hello to fresh new faces who will bring AIS forward to a new year.
So this was what our annual general meeting boiled down to.

In preparation for registrations

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School of Architecture Orientation 2012

As per usual, on the twenty-something of a month, in this case, 28th of June, the orientation for new students gearing up for their tertiary education in a new place took place in the core of UCSI’s School of Architecture, also commonly known as the North Wing campus.
Keep on scrolling for more of what happened that day.

Seniors guiding some confused newcomer to our site of orientation


Waiting for the big guys to come in while being entertain by our AIS video…


Followed by more waiting…


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