Please don’t buy Mac! Archi & Interior Students

This goes out to all architecture students out there who are looking to buy your first laptops for your studies. I’ve got questions about what laptops to buy and usually I always say “PLEASE DON’T BUY MAC”. This comes from my own experience and those of my friends as well.

The reason is why, Mac is not compatible with software that are only used on PC’s. Most architecture software are made for PC and there aren’t any Mac versions of it. It might also be harder for people to teach you on a Mac as most students and practitioners in Malaysia use PC for architecture studies and practice. If you are looking for cracked software, it would be even harder as most people only know how to crack for PC’s. Not advocating pirate software, I’m just saying.
Bjarke Ingels Group office having 400+ employees. From this photo, no one here is using a Mac.
Why do famous architects use Mac?
Yes, we do see many famous architects around the world using Apple products during their presentations and here is why. In cases of presenting on screens, using Apple products to display is fantastic, they got the colors all right. The elegance of Apple products also gives you a plus in your presentation. Also there’s the psychological effect, Apple’s branding “THINK DIFFERENT”, in general perception, the public would think of a person as being more creative and really thinking differently if using Apple products. But how do you know if the designs shown on screen are first produced on PC’s and then only transferred to Apple products for presentation purposes? Having the audience psychologically cued before your presentation plays to your advantage in selling your design.

“Oh damn, I already bought one! Should I throw it away?” No man, just chill, all you gotta do is split your drive into half PC and half Apple to use softwares compatible on PC. Though it also splits your disk space and computing power.
I already bought Mac, what do I do now?
Don’t throw your Mac away, you can head to the computer shops to have them install it for you. Do bear in mind that your disk space might be split into half for PC on one side and Mac OS on the other. And it might affect the Mac’s speed when files start to pile up. Our hearts go out to those who do not know this beforehand. And therefore, this blog is written to prevent regrets from happening.
If you need to learn softwares, don’t worry, you got us!
Since university a few friends, Tristan, Daniel and I had been organising software workshops to help architecture students learn faster and more efficiently to save time in producing designs for projects. We teach softwares such as:
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  3. REVIT
  4. RHINO
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