Archi-Interactive Camp 2018

Calling for all architecture students in UCSI!!!

UTAR Architecture Society is collaborating with University Malaya in organizing this first time ever Archi-Interactive Camp, AIC. IKAT is the theme for AIC2018, and this inter-university camp will not only provide you the opportunity to make friends with fellow architecture students from different universities, but also incorporate nature appreciation activities and architecture learning in BAMBOO Construction!

Each university is limited to max 20 participation slot only in first come first serve basis! Take action ASAP.

Please visit for more event detail.
Registration is ON FIRE now!

AIS Annual General Meeting 2018

The arrival of a new year, through a tally of votes of the students here comes a new board of leaders.
Appreciating the minds and efforts of all our beloved seniors (upper degree) who had brought forward for the foundation of AIS, let us not ice it down but keep the fire burn endlessly. As the rising of new boards, they are ready to bring you into many spectacular moments throughout this extraordinary year.

Our president a.k.a leader of the pack : Abu Zahid Abu Bakar

Little talk from our vice president (Chua Li Cheng and Jane Tan)

A not-so-long speech from Mr. Munzir

Winner of T-shirt Design

MC of the day

Boards of new committees

Photo Session