The BOX+ An Exhibition Done by Our Fellow Seniors

Hi everyone! UCSI University Bachelor of Architecture Sem6 Students will held thier graduation exhibition on 8th- 10th of June 2018, @ Ruang KL.

BOX represents home , a shelter or a place to stay from spiritual and physical .However, it is not only just a “home” ,but contains the unlimited possibilities(both positive and negative) which are represented by the PLUS. It gives us a sense of belonging and leads us when we are growing up. As an architecture student, we had survived every single days and nights with each other throughout the three years time .Withstanding all those hardships , a home is formed virtually till it finally archived our present.

Are u ready to join them and experience what they have gone through? Kindly follow their insta page & fb page Box+ to get more information! See u there!

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